IPL Photofacial

What is IPL Photofacial ?

How often does it need to be done?

IPL Photofacial is recommended to be done every 3-4 weeks to achieve best results.

Is there a downtime?

No. IPL Photofacial works under your skin and doesn’t damage the top layer.You might have some redness which will go away 20-25 minutes after the procedure

How many times I need to do IPL ?

To see significant changes it usually takes 4-6 sessions ,one every 3-4 weeks


Any sun exposure ,sunbeds  or self-tanners are not allowed 3 weeks before and after the procedure,as well as antibiotics or Retinol

If you had any of these,mentioned above,please wait at least 3 weeks before starting the procedure

PROMO PRICE: 1 Treatment: $49 
2 Treatments: $99
PROMO PRICE: 3 Treatments: $120
4 Treatments: $200

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IPL Photofacials