Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Spencer A. Coden, MD helps you fight pain. He is trained in physical medicine and rehabilitation, obesity and weight loss. He obtain fellowship in Pain Management and Rehabilitation in Moss Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia.

Dr. Colden is excellent in treating any pain condition or sports injury and any kind of trauma. Spine & Joint Pain Relief, Arthritis, Pain Management Injection, Pain Management Medication and Rx refill.

Pricing and Scheduling

Pain management, initial consultation: $200
Repeat visit: $100
Medical Weight Loss Consultation with prescription Rx: $150 
Refill the prescription: $100
1 month HCG program: $250
Rx: Medical Marijuana 
Medical Marijuana card
Medical Weight Loss & Medical Office

For information please call the office at 212 587-7157 and leave your information and medical professional will contact you back to schedule the appointment.