Metabolic Shots


The quest to look better by losing those few extra pounds can often be very difficult to complete. But what if you were told there was a way to compliment your dieting and exercise that will make the end goal much easier to achieve? Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC) Injections, often referred to as Lipo Injections, are regularly used to help release fat deposits in the body. At Uptown Medical Wellness and Anti-Aging Center, we’ll help you understand everything there is to know about MIC Injections to help you make the right decision.


MIC Injections are designed to target the fat deposits in notorious trouble areas in the body. Some of these include the stomach, inner thighs, neck, buttocks and hips. But how is this process made possible? MIC Injections are composed of a special blend of key ingredients that, when used together, intensify their respective effects. These important components include:

  • Methionine – assists in the breakdown of fat in the liver

  • Inositol – a B-vitamin that promotes the health of cell structures and nerve synapses

  • Choline – supports the liver’s health during the process of excreting products from the body

  • Vitamin B12 – important to the body’s growth of cell production

  • B Complex Vitamins – helps convert carbohydrates into energy

  • L – Carnitine – helps muscle tissue burn 5 times as many calories as fatty tissue


MIC injections are an effective form of therapy that, along with diet and exercise, has proven to help patients lose weight and keep it off safely and effectively. These injections are recommended to be administered over a 10 week period. It’s important to remember the injections are only effective temporarily. Once the effects wear out, the body will return to normal.

If you’re looking for the factor that will let your diet and exercise explode into a combination of good results, MIC Injections may be just what you’re looking for. For more information, contact our team at Uptown Medical Wellness and Anti-Aging Center today.

Dear clients, For your convenience, please book an appointment for a B12, Lipothropic and MIC shots online or call us to schedule. We do NOT take a walk in for packages and repeated injections. 


B12 Shot $10
MIC Shot $10
Lipothrophic Shot: $10

Package of 9 metabolic shots + 1 FREE (any combination*): $80
*B12, Lipolean, Ultraburn, MIC

Please check with the receptionist on Friday to confirm the health care professional will be available to do a metabolic shot.



  • B12 injections are typically used as a treatment for a certain type of anemia (pernicious anemia). In this type of anemia, people lack intrinsic factor in stomach which is necessary for the absorption of vitamin.
  • Vegetarians (especially vegans) are also given shots of B12 since their diet is low in animal products, the primary source of B12.
  • People with chronic fatigue or anemia require weekly to monthly injections of vitamin B12 usually because the oral form is not dependable.
  • Vitamin B12 shots are most effective when taken at regular intervals (usually weekly or monthly). A regular schedule to receive the injections can be customized to each individual.
  • The body’s ability to absorb vitamin B12 is reduced with increasing age. Older people are often detected to have a more potent vitamin B12 deficiency, even in cases where they do not suffer from pernicious anaemia.
  • Methylcobalamin (Methyl B12) is a unique from of vitamin B12, which is more readily converted into the coenzyme forms than conventional cyanocobalamin. Mehtylcobalamin also ready readily binds body stores of cyanide.
  • Deficiency of vitamin B12 can lead to abnormal neurologic and psychiatric symptoms including ataxia (shaky movements and unsteady gait), muscle weakness, spasticity, incontinence, hypotension, vision problems, dementia, psychoses, and mood disturbances


  • More energy, mental alertness and stamina for everyday tasks
  • Healthier immune systems
  • Improves sleep
  • Increases metabolism, thereby aiding in weight loss
  • Reduces allergies, stress and depression
  • Improves mood stabilization
  • Lessens frequency and severity of migraines and headaches
  • Helps lower homocysteine levels in the blood, thereby reducing the probability of heart diseases and strokes


  • A vitamin B12 shot is safe and generally has no side effects, even in higher doses.
  • Some redness and swelling at the injections site may occur. This should start to get better within forty-eight (48) hours.
  • In rare cases, B12 can cause diarrhea, peripheral vascular thrombosis, itching, transitory exanthema, urticaria, feelings of swelling of the whole body.
  • Sensitivity to cobalt and/or cobalamin is a contraindication.
  • People with chronic liver and/or kidney dysfunction should not take frequent B12 injections; therefore we ask that you please provide us with a recent copy of lab work, which reflects liver and kidney function.  This lab work is usually referred to as a metabolic panel. If you have not checked your lab work recently, we ask that you get a complete blood workup as soon as possible.
  • Interactions with drugs: Chloramphenicol can impede on the red blood cell producing properties of B12
  • Other drugs that decrease or reduce absorption of B12: antibiotics, cobalt irradiation, colchicine, colestipol, H2-blockers, metformin, nicotine, birth control pills, potassium chloride, proton pump inhibitors such as Prevacid, Losec, Aciphex, Pantaloc, and Zidovudine.
  • B12 is contraindicated in Leber’s disease, a hereditary optic nerve atrophic condition