Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal with Palomar Medilux and Syneron - Candela  EMax technology

Laser Hair Removal is a chance to  say goodbye to painful waxing, electrolysis or razors. Our highly trained, experienced estheticians use the latest Palomar MediLux and Syneron -Candela EMax technology in hair removal. Usually ,Most areas require a series of six  treatments, dependent upon hair thickness.

The full suite of Syneron Candela eMax elōs Laser and Cynosue Palomar Medilux  System treatments are designed to harness powerful light energies, precisely targeted at problem areas. It is able to stimulate natural processes that correct embarrassing or unsightly skin conditions without harming the surrounding tissue.

Things you need to know when you start Laser Hair Removal:

Areas that are to be treated  cannot be exposed to the sun at least 3 weeks before and after  procedure

No waxing can be done on the treated area, only shaving.

You need to shave the area a day before the procedure.

For best results, procedures should be done once every 4-6 weeks. Packages expire  9 month after the first session.

Small treatment $150

Areas include: Areola – Bikini line –  Chin – Feet – Hands – Navel – Sideburns – Upper lip

Medium treatment $300

Areas include: Back of neck – Basic Brazilian – Fore arms – Front of neck – Shoulders – Under arms – Upper arms – Upper or lower back – Face

Large treatment $600

Areas include: Chest, Full back, Full Brazilian bikini, Low leg, Upper legs

Total Body Laser Hair Removal
1 session: $1600 3 sessions: $1800

$50 – Bikini lines, Under arms, Basic Brazilian, Face 

$100 – Half legs, Half arms

$150 – Full legs, Full arms, Full Brazilian


1 treatment, small area plus free touch up: $100 

1 treatment, medium area plus free touch up: $150 

1 treatment, large area and free touch up: $200


Online purchase promotion

One small laser removal area and free touch up $50

One medium laser removal and free touch up 


One large laser removal  and free  touch up  300

Whole  body hair removal and free touch up 1000 


Pricing & Online Booking

Bikini line $49.00            BOOK NOW

Brazilian $59.00              BOOK NOW

Full Face $40.00               BOOK NOW

Full Legs $69.00               BOOK NOW

Half legs $49.00                BOOK NOW

Full arms $59.00              BOOK NOW

Half arms $49.00             BOOK NOW

Under arms $39.00         BOOK NOW

Upper lip $29.00              BOOK NOW

Brazilian Bikini $300              Bikini Line  $175

Full Legs $350                             Half Legs $199

Full Arms $250                           Half Arms $159

Under Arms $150                     Upper Lip $99

Full Stomach $259                   Stomach Line $150

Chin + Upper Lip $129           Full Face $150

Lower Back $189                      Full Back $350

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Laser Hair Removal – Individual Sessions
Laser Hair Removal – Packages of 6
Laser Hair Removal – Face and Back Packages of 6